804 Harold
804 Harold - A City of Houston Protected Landmark
The area covered by our association is bounded by Hawthorne to the North, Alabama to the South, Montrose to the West, and Audubon to the East.

Location: 3611 Audubon Place. This Live Oak (Quercus Virginiana) is registered with the Harris
registered tree
3611 Audubon Place - champion Live Oak
County Tree Registry (index 263). It has a circumference of 181", a height of 54' and a crown spread of 114. Only 8 Live Oaks in Harris County have a spread that exceeds this one. It was nominated by Lynne Gevirtz.

We are a DEED RESTRICTED community; exclusions apply. Read the restrictions on the "About" page

We are a HISTORIC DISTRICT; find the city ordinance on the "Preservation" page

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Audubon Place Association

logo1 When the original Montrose subdivision was platted in 1910, it was a purely residential neighborhood. Over the years, however, commercial and institutional encroachment has been so pervasive that these few blocks now known as Audubon Place represent the last remaining residential enclave within the traditional boundaries of Montrose.

After World War II, many families moved from this area to the suburbs. While several of the original residents remained, and continued to maintain their homes in an exemplary manner, many of the old houses were torn down, or divided into multiple units, or simply allowed to deteriorate, and the fabric of the neighborhood fell into jeopardy.
There were those who could still detect the charm in these neglected structures, though, and over the past decade, many of the old houses have been restored, and the neighborhood has truly been revitalized. Early in the 1990's, concerned residents formed the Audubon Place Association, a 501C-4 Civic Association registered with the State of Texas, providing neighbors with a common forum through which they may present a united front in facing the myriad and ever-changing problems associated with inner-city living.

In May 1995, after a long, exhausting effort by a group of dedicated volunteers, Audubon Place has successfully reinstated deed restrictions, under the name of Historic Montrose Association. In 1996, Audubon was named as one of the Mayor's Neighborhoods to Standards, a two year program under which we can reasonably expect some additional capital improvements. The Mayor's Office has stated explicitly that it considers no neighborhood for inclusion in the program that does not have an active and effective civic association. Additionally, in response to the recent enactment of Houston's first Historical Ordinance, there is a committee studying the feasibility of obtaining state and national Historic District designations for our neighborhood.

The Audubon Place Association is your personal civic association, and we want to encourage each and every resident, whether owner or renter, to attend meetings, and to take part in the activities of the organization.

NEWS relevent to the neighborhood is available on Nextdoor.com and also sent via email to members.

RELATED ORGANIZATIONS. The Audubon Place Association actively participates in the programs of a number of related organizations.
  • The Neartown Association, a residential organization representing 20 separate civic associations of neighborhoods within the boundaries of Buffalo Bayou, Brazos, Hwy 59, and Shepherd Drive.
  • The Houston Homeowners Association with its hundreds of constituent association members throughout the city.
  • The Greater Houston Preservation Alliance.
  • Texas Neighborhoods Together (through the Houston Homeowners' Association), a statewide organization which functions as a legislative watchdog for neighborhood issues.
  • Members also participate in area Community Development Corporations, and the Museum District Business Alliance, an organization fostering businesses within the Neartown boundaries.
As sources of information, these associations are of immense value to our neighborhood, and they also represent a potent lobbying force.